A Proper Upholstered Furniture Cleaning Service

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon is a local business serving the residents of the area. Our people are thorough professionals who have worked in this field for years. We have the latest technologies, top-quality chemicals, and professional technicians to handle day-to-day tasks. These days no one has an ample amount of time to spend on home tasks. Everyone wants a simple solution to all their problems. That is why we provide upholstery cleaning services.

Just like carpets and rugs, furniture also requires extreme care. Dust and dirt can enter your homes from so many points. So, homeowners need to take extra measures to save their expensive furniture from unwanted harm. Just vacuuming your couches and sofas won't do any good. An extensive amount of cleaning of upholstery is a must after every few months.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our top priority is using eco-friendly methods. Each of our supplies is toxin-free and inert. They do not react with the surface of your furniture and clean all spots. Wine and coffee stains can be difficult to remove but our solutions will complete the job within a short amount of time. These organic chemicals renew your office and home furniture and make them look fresh.

Some of our top methods are:

  • Deep Cleaning. To thoroughly clean your sofa, choose deep cleaning. It's an effective method where layers of dirt and germs can be eliminated. Chemical solutions and heavy equipment are utilized to carry out the task.
  • Steam Cleaning. Another effective method is hot water extraction, which is sometimes called steam cleaning. High-temperature water is used to clear excessive dirt. We also combine various chemicals to make the effect long-lasting.
  • Foam Cleaning. For this method, we apply foam solution to the upholstery. It's a dry method and requires minimum time. Our upholstery foam cleaners are specially trained to handle your furniture in the finest way possible. It is the gentlest procedure amongst all methods. To get a good result, rub the solution with a brush to remove stubborn marks.

Why You Should Choose Us

Cleaning the fabric of your furniture can be a tedious task. It requires a lot of time and effort if you do it by yourself. The worst part, you may not have enough experience to do it properly. In this case, our upholstery cleaners in Mt Vernon are here to provide a professional solution to all your problems. You can sit back and relax while these cleaners get the job done. Without any effort, you get maximum results. Whether you need commercial upholstery cleaning services or someone for your house furniture, we have trained men for both. We are proud to provide our locals with:

  • Highly trained cleaning staff. Each technician in our team is a licensed professional. In addition to this, we provide them with the necessary training to make sure that they are correctly completing their task. From cleaning to respecting clients, everything is covered in these extensive trainings.
  • Professional cleaners. Cleaning upholstery isn't as easy as it may sound. It's not a matter of just removing the visible dirt and marks but also requires a lot of attention. Professional people know exactly how to treat stained couches and chairs. We have put together an exceptional team of workers.
  • Ready for use within hours. Cleaning upholstery yourself takes a lot of time. However, trained technicians do it in half the time. The reason being that they have done this work several times. So, they are well aware of how to provide professional services for upholstery cleaning.
  • A specific type of cleaning suitable for your upholstery fabrics. As mentioned before, Hippo Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon specialists will the best methods to clean your furniture. On top of that, we use different chemicals for different materials. Leather sofas and jute couches are not treated with the same chemical. The method and solution differ depending on the product.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Mt Vernon, NY

Our experienced professionals can handle any task comfortably. We are focusing on restoring your upholstered furniture to its original form. Even a single mistake could cost you a lot. Thus we use specialized equipment and eco-friendly supplies to treat your upholstery in the right way. If your household items have started to lack the shine they used to have, call Hippo Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon at 914-363-0750. Our technicians come for upholstery cleaning in Mount Vernon, NY, inspect your furniture and choose a suitable cleaning method to give the best possible cleaning results.

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