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Rugs get dirty quite often. They have to bear heavy traffic and trap all sorts of dust particles. That is why one needs to have their rugs cleared out more often. There are many kinds of germs, allergens, and bacteria entrapped within the fibers. If these harmful particles are not removed in time, they cause health risks for the entire family. A poorly maintained rug ruins the beauty of your room. Upon that, if your rug is light-colored, then it becomes a necessity to have it cleaned after every few days. Vacuuming can keep the dust out, but nothing can be compared to professional rug cleaning in Mt Vernon.

We make your lives easier by offering affordable rug cleaning services for everyone. At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon, you will find experienced technicians to provide cleaning service of area rugs. Our technicians are licensed and have undergone special training on how to clean an area rug. Whether you want to have your rug deep cleaned or steam cleaned, we offer multiple solutions.

The Effective and Protective Rug Cleaning Technologies

Cleaning rugs by yourself is not as effective as professional rug cleaning. Instead of wasting your energy and time, get the best cleaning services for rugs near you in Mount Vernon. All of our methods are up to date and keep the texture of the rugs intact. Not only does our top-quality equipment perform excellent cleaning, but also makes your rugs shine. You can avail yourself of services such as:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Shampooing and conditioning
  • Encapsulation

After every cleaning session, our best rug cleaners disinfect the entire area to make sure that no germs remain. Most importantly, before starting the process, we examine the material o the rug. The cleaners start their work only when they have identified the type of fabric. Once they are certain about the manufacturing material, they use specific chemicals to clean the rug. It helps to protect the softness and appearance of your precious rugs. These experts even balance the pH of the cleaning solutions so that there are no unwanted aftereffects.

Eco-Friendly Products

Another great thing about us is that we value customers and the environment. Therefore, all the products used at our place are eco-friendly. They do not transmit harmful fumes and are non-toxic. Your family and your pets won't feel any irritation due to these cleaning chemicals. On the contrary, they are extremely harmless and have a pleasant scent.

Oriental and Area Rugs: The Differences in Cleaning Process

Area rugs are different than oriental rugs, thus the cleaning process also varies. Usually, area rugs are easy to deal with. However, the same cannot be said for delicate pieces such as oriental rugs. For an area rug, the cleaning process consists of removing debris, shampooing, washing, and drying the rug. Whereas, Oriental rug cleaning needs professional assistance. One has to check the chemical pH, fiber, textile construction, and much more. A cleaning solution of a wool rug cannot be used on an oriental rug without checking it first. Our rug cleaning specialists in Mount Vernon have years of training. They can handle the cleaning of Oriental rugs in a better way.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Rug?

The answer is simple! Just take advantage of our rug cleaning services! It will take much less time and save you from exerting extra effort. By calling Hippo Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon at 914-363-0750, you can get top-quality services at the most affordable rates.

We do not believe in charging our clients extra for no reason. Our focus is on satisfying customer needs. No matter what kind of rug you need to have cleaned, we have the best people for the task. From silk to synthetic and natural fabric, we have a treatment plan for every material. Don't delay the matter, get the best help in town today.

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